Mobile Device Data Recovery Service Policies


Prior Micro soldering Repair and Recovery Attempts:

We expect that you may open your device to 'see if it's something easy' like a bad battery, dock connector, or screen--those things do not complicate our logic board recovery process.  However, when someone else tries to fix a non-functional logic board by micro soldering--that erases our clues and introduces variables that make our job much more difficult or impossible.  Devices that have had prior micro-soldering repair attempts (i.e., the soldered on shields have been removed) will be requoted as specialty data.   Some prior repair attempts may qualify for our no data no fee guarantee.  In those cases, we will assess a minimum non-refundable labor charge to invest any time at all into a board that other shops have already deemed unrecoverable. 

No Data, No Recovery Service fee:

We only guarantee that we will be able to get a PATH to YOUR DATA. There will be a $350 attempt fee regardless of the outcome of the recovery. If the recovery is successful, the attempt fee will be credited towards the recovery service cost. We do not guarantee that the data that you seek will be on the device or that your passcode is correct.  We will consider the recovery effort a success for standard/specialty/CPU swap as long as the device turns on in our hands and accepts passcode--at least temporarily.  We will provide a screenshot of your lock screen to prove that the device was in a ready to recover state if necessary.   We will bill for successful data recovery if we can get a PATH to data, even if you don't have the correct passcode.  If the wrong passcode is entered too many times, a recoverable device can become permanently disabled, at which point there is no feasible way to recover the data.   If you are unable to provide the correct passcode and the device becomes disabled, or if the device was only able to boot once and you did not give us the correct passcode, that does not negate the work that we put in to bring the device back to a recoverable state with a data path.   We can not qualify a device as 'not recoverable' under no data no fee because of the wrong passcode.    For chip-off android devices, we will qualify them as not recoverable if the chip can not be read.   If our chip reader can read the chip, then it is considered a successful path to data.  Forensic analysis and parsing of data is not part of our data recovery service.

Passcode Policies:

I know the passcode, but I don't want to tell you:  If we work on the device and get it to boot even just once and you haven't provided the correct passcode, you will be invoiced for a successful recovery.

I Really Don't Know the Passcode.  Don't send the device for recovery. 

I think I know, but I'm not SURE About the Passcode.  We understand that sometimes you might not be sure about the correct passcode, that's okay. If your submitted passcode doesn't work, then we will confirm that this is your device and show you that we have a path to data with a picture of your lock screen.  Once your invoice is paid, we will work with you to try three additional possible passcodes.   If none of those work, then we will work with you on a case by case basis to send the device back to you in a state where you can continue to try passcodes.  Sometimes muscle memory and seeing the lock screen will help you remember the passcode on a device that hasn't been working for years. We may need you to purchase parts or a donor device to be able to send the phone back to you in a condition where you can attempt to unlock the device.  We can't guarantee that a phone that we can boot in the house will be able to boot once it leaves our facility. 

Will I get regular updates? 

Not unless there is some news.  To keep us focused on doing our work under the microscope, you will only hear from us if there is a problem and if we need information, or if the device is recovered, or if the device is deemed not recoverable.  At any other point in time after your device comes up for recovery, your update is "we are trying to figure out how to get your device to boot, we are grouping it with others that have similar physical or electrical presentations and history.  We will continue to do everything we can to figure it out, but we can't predict whether or not, or when, we will be able to solve your case."