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HARD DRIVES : SATA, SAS, SCSI, IDE (Internal, External, Server)


Level 1
Logical Failure


Hard Drive is in good condition. There are no “clicking” sounds and is recognized by the operating system.  The hard drive motor is spinning, and all the internal parts are functioning correctly, but data or some of the data are missing. Hard Drive in logical failing states has a very high chance of recovery. This may be caused by the following:

  • - Damaged MFT/FAT Tables
  • - Formatting Corruption
  • - Humans Errors (Accidental Deletions)
  • - Corrupted Software
  • - Partition Errors
  • - Virus or Malware Infections

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Level 2
Drive Failure


Hard Drive has some physical damage.  At this level, opening or performing an operation on the hard drive is not yet necessary to recover the data. Hard Drives at level 2 “Drive failure” State has a generally good data recovery chance when employing our data recovery equipment and extensive knowledge. Symptoms at this level include:

  • - Firmware Errors
  • - Prolific SMART Errors
  • - System Locks up
  • - Freezing
  • - Severe Bad Sectors
  • - Occasional Clicking
  • - Unreadable Data Sectors
  • - Will Not Boot

If the Hard Drive has the following symptoms, there is a chance that you may be losing some of your data and not even know it. Stop using it immediately, and contact us to ensure that your data are not lost.

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Level 3
Mechanical Failure


Hard Drive has bad physical damage. One or more of the hard drive mechanism is not working correctly. There may be clicking or clunking noises due to a stuck or faulty motor. Furthermore, the hard drive disc may have trouble spinning or might not spin at all. To recover data at this stage, a clean-room must disassemble the drive and replace and/or repair broken parts. Mechanical Failures can be caused by the following:

  • - Damaged Modules
  • - Dropping the Hard Drive
  • - Electrical Shorts (Burnt Circuit Board)
  • - Moisture or Liquid Damaged

Some symptoms of this level include:

  • - No Power
  • - Clicking 
  • - Not Detected by the Computer
  • - Not Initializing
  • - Doesn't Spin
  • - Buzzing

Truedata Recovery Solutions can recover data from hard drives in ALL types of format, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. We also recover data in almost every storage interface: SATA, IDE, SCSI, Tape Drives, Ethernet, and USB. This includes external hard devices, internal hard drives, Flash Drives, Solid State Drives, and most smartphones and MP3 players.

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Level 1: Logical Failure

Proprietary Software Recovery

$200 - $300
  • File System Corruption
  • Basic Backup Service
  • Deleted Files/Re-formatted
  • Corrupted Partition
  • Locked files
  • Priority Services is available.

Level 2: Drive Failure

Circuit-Board/Firmware Recovery

$400 - $600
  • Damaged Printed Circuit Board
  • Firmware Corruption
  • Damaged System Area
  • Bad Sectors
  • Stuck heads (not damage)
  • Priority Services is available.

Level 3: Mechanical Failure

Clean-Room Recovery

$950 - $1250
  • Damaged Heads (Clicking)
  • Damaged Preamps
  • Damaged Motor (Buzzing)
  • Severe firmware damage
  • Plus Parts if needed
  • Priority Services is available.