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Data Recovery in
Mississauga, Ontario

Data Recovery Services
Mississauga, Ontario

Our data recovery service is ready to help customers from Mississauga, Ontario. We have the ability to recover data from hard drives that are suffering from firmware and physical problems, We offer the latest data recovery technology and cleanroom solutions for mechanically damaged hard drives in Mississauga.

We offer professional data recovery services at a reasonable price for all hard disk manufacturers. We support almost every data storage media ranging from hard disk, RAID Arrays, Solid State Drives, pen drive, optical media, zip drive, flash memory, Storage Area Networks, Network Attached Storage, and many more devices that could store data. It does not matter what type of files you are looking to recover, Truedata Recovery Solutions recover all software formats from all operating systems.

We offer free advanced diagnostic to all storage media. Just bring your storage media (hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, etc.) to our shop in Richmond Hill, Ontario and we will employ all necessary diagnostic procedures, from PCB component diagnostics, PCB firmware diagnostic, Service Area diagnostic, platter surface and head crack inspection inside our Class 5 Clean Room. After the diagnostic procedures, we will let you know the cost of recovering the data, and if you do not wish to proceed, there is no charge and you may simply have your disk back. You’ve got nothing to lose – we are here to help you!

 Our Recovery Services:

We Specialize In: 

Damaged Heads (Clicking), Seized Spindle Motor (Buzzing), Damaged PCB (No Power), Bad Sectors (Read Errors), Firmware Corruption, Damaged Files System, Deleted Files, Accidentally Formatted or Re-Imaged. We recover data from damaged or faulty Hard disk drives, SSD, RAID, NAS, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, Mobile Phones and all Storage Data Devices.

670 Hwy 7 E - Unit # 19, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P2
Ontario: 647-373-9608
Winnipeg: 204-808-6518
Toll-Free: 1-877-297-6808