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Common reasons for SSD failures and data loss:

  • - Abrupt power loss
  • - Magnetic fields
  • - Electric charges

Solid State Storage devices are manufactured with one of three types of NAND flash memory:

  • - Single-level cell (SLC)
  • - Multi-level cell (MLC)
  • - Triple-level cell (TLC)

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MLC and TLC memory has more density, and therefore is less expensive but is more prone to errors and also has fewer/erase cycles.


An SSD's durability is measured in its write/erase cycles or the number of times a block can be erased and re-written before the block fails. A technique called wear leveling dynamically maps logical blocks to physical blocks to prevent premature failure of any block from too many writes/erase cycles. This, along with multi-channel flash microcontroller technology, adds to the durability of a solid-state drive. But block failure is also one of the key reasons for solid-state drive data loss.




When a block can no longer retain data or data errors cannot be correct by the solid-state drive's error correction algorithm, the drive's controller merely " select" another block. But when all spare blocks are used, your solid-state drive will fail, and you'll need SSD recovery services to recover your data.

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How long will it take?


It depends on the problem and how the device responds to any temporary repairs (e.g., firmware adjustments or PCB modifications). On average, the Economy service may take 2-3 weeks or longer. It has no guaranteed time frame, and some jobs may take longer as Priority/Emergency jobs are done first.

We will keep you informed of the time required and remaining. You can always upgrade from Economy to Priority or Emergency as needed. It is important to know that some data recovery jobs we work on can be done very quickly. Others can sometimes take weeks or months due to severe damage or rare spare parts needing to be ordered in. We will keep you updated at all times.




SSD Data Recovery

Level 1: Logical Recovery

$200 - $300
  • Basic Backup Service
  • File System Corruption
  • Deleted file/Re-formatted
  • Interference Requiring Adapter
  • MBR Corruptions
  • Priority Services is available.

SSD Data Recovery

Level 2: Hardware Recovery

$400 - $700
  • Liquid Damage (PCB Damage Only
  • Power Surge (PCB Damage Only)
  • Firmware Corruption
  • Bad Sectors/Read Errors
  • Broken Connector
  • Priority Services is available.

SSD Data Recovery

Level 3: Special Case Recovery

$800 - $1200
  • Chip-off Recovery Method
  • Faulty Controller Chip
  • Controller & Memory Chip Reballing
  • Dead Memory Bank Chips
  • Fire & Liquid Damage
  • Priority Services is available.